Gotham Sisig offers a unique Filipino food recipe that would satisfy your needs. Meals that you’ll enjoy plus other delicacies that will surely satisfy your cravings!

Gotham Sisig was born on November 2018. It’s humble beginning started with a one man army who goes by the name “The Bat Chef.” Batman, the children’s superhero was what inspired the Bat Chef to use this brand name because this was his idol and supermodel since his childhood. 

He has been collecting many Batman figurines ever since he was a child. Gotham city was a very safe place to live because what lies in that city was a hero who protected the citizens from harm. One day the name “Gotham Sisig” was born, a Filipino cuisine with favoured Filipino dishes for many to remember and enjoy. Allan Pinpin aka “Batman”, the founder of Gotham Sisig is now ready to serve only the best Filipino food for everyone to enjoy!


The History of Sisig Shows It’s Not Just About Pork

Though the history of sisig is often contested, many attribute its conception to Lucia Cunanan.However, few realize that she wasn’t the first to chop up pig parts, or put it on a sizzling plate. Sisig is actually derived from the old Tagalog word sisigan, which means “to make sour”.


Its existence was first recorded by an Augustinian friar in 1732. It wasn’t until the American occupation that the version we know with pork and other odd bits really developed. Commissaries at the Clark Air Bases would throw out tons of pig heads and innards because they avoided its use in preparing meals for the American troops stationed there. Nearby restaurants would take the discarded off-cuts and incorporate them into the sour salad, serving them with beers at their late-night joints by the railroad, an area known as the “Crossing”.


Nowadays, sisig has become one of our most popular exports, a dish that is often championed abroad by local and foreign chefs alike. It has taken the world by storm, and is bringing Filipino cuisine to the forefront of the global dining scene. There is even a festival dedicated to the beloved food held in the Philippines, where it all began.